Site users can be managed from the Users page. Admin can temporarily disable their account by turning Status On/Off or permanently delete them.

{info} User's group can be changed from User - Edit page. By default, a new user is assigned with Members (public) group.

User Groups

This is about making multiple user groups and assigns them different permissions for managing different modules throughout the Admin Panel.

Default Groups

3 default groups can't be modified or deleted. Members group users are restricted to Admin Panel, all other group users can access admin panel.

  • Admin

    Super Admin group, have all the permissions on the admin panel.

  • Members

    Public group, this group user can't visit the admin panel. (front-end access only)

  • Editors

    Semi-admin group, this group user can visit the admin panel, depending on the permissions assigned on Manage ACL

{primary} Admin can create unlimited groups according to different needs.

Manage ACL

Manage Access Control List of user groups. Assign the groups permissions to access a modules e.g Messages - View Add Edit Delete operations.

access control list

Assign View | Add | Edit | Delete Permissions

4 types of permissions can be assigned to limit access of different group to each module.

  • View User can view the module or not.
  • Add User can add new data to the module or not.
  • Edit User can modify the existing data in the module or not.
  • Delete User can delete the existing data in the module or not.

{warning} Admin & Members group permissions can't be modified.